Should I take: SSAT or ISEE?

May 7, 2022

Here's what you need to know!

  • Most schools will accept either test, but, to be sure, you should contact the schools you are interested in to find out which test they may prefer.
  • The SSAT can be taken as often as you’d like, whereas the ISEE has only three test offerings.  Depending on when you’ve started the process, that’s an important factor to consider.
  • The SSAT has three scored sections: Reading, Verbal, and Quantitative.  The ISEE has four scored sections: Reading, Verbal, Math Achievement, and Quantitative Reasoning.  So, if you’re much stronger in math compared to reading and verbal, ISEE might be worth considering.
  • The SSAT and ISEE both have similar reading sections.
  • The SSAT and ISEE both have synonyms on the verbal section.  However, the SSAT verbal section also includes analogies.  The ISEE verbal section includes sentence completions.
  • The SSAT has a ¼ point penalty for incorrect answers.  The ISEE has no penalty.
  • The SSAT is 5-choice multiple choice.  The ISEE is 4-choice multiple choice.  This means, on average, less time is required to consider each answer choice on the ISEE.
  • The SSAT essay allows you to pick a creative essay or an analytical essay.  The ISEE essay is only analytical.

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