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Whether you’re a middle school student taking the SSAT or ISEE, a high school student taking the PSAT, SAT, or ACT, or a college graduate taking the GMAT or GRE, we’ve got you covered!
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Diagnostic Testing
Tutoring is extremely effective when we know in advance what your baseline scores are and what areas you need improvement in. Armed with these results, we’ll tailor the tutoring sessions to your specific needs.
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School Subject Tutoring
Top grades in your classes are one of the surefire ways to get noticed by colleges. Having trouble in a particular class? Don’t worry – we’ll work together to bring that grade up.
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AP Testing
AP Classes are college level and the most demanding you can take at your school. If you find yourself struggling in your AP class or want to get a solid result on your AP exam, our program will help you get the grade and the score!
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What our clients have to say

Ragav JRagav J
23:05 29 May 24
I highly recommend this service! So far, throughout my time working with Art, I have experienced a remarkable 110-point improvement in my SATs (this was done in under a month). This was achieved through personalized and effective teaching methods. Additionally, I learned how to utilize Desmos for math, which SIGNIFICANTLY improved my math score as well. The sessions were always engaging, informative, and tailored to my specific needs. I'm very grateful for the support and dedication provided by Art, and I can't wait to continue working with him!
Steven SimonfaySteven Simonfay
17:27 12 May 24
Arthur Clay and Cornerstone Test Prep is the REAL DEAL. While working with Cornerstone, my SAT score has shot up 300 points. Cornerstone shows each of its students exclusive strategies and shortcuts to crush any standardized test. Arthur Clay is an expert in demos for the math section of the SAT. At the moment I'm in top 1% for math, and it's all thanks to him. Additionally, Arthur connects with each of his students on a deeper level. He never fails to make my day, and he makes our 90-minute sessions feel like 20 minutes. If you want to perform well on the SAT or ACT, I would highly recommend him.
Tracy SockaloskyTracy Sockalosky
04:34 05 Feb 24
Art is fantastic. As an educator I can attest that Art is a great teacher and does it in a way that creates confidence in his students. So grateful to him and ready for him to begin his work with our next test taker in the family. Thank you, Art.
Srini SriniSrini Srini
22:09 11 Jan 24
My daughter recently had the privilege of working with Art for SAT .The coaching session was tailored to my daughter’s needs.Art demonstrated a deep understanding of the SAT exam structure ,content, and effective test-taking strategies.My daughter had a 200 points improvement in Math . I wholeheartedly recommend Art to anyone seeking comprehensive and personalized preparation for the SAT.Thank you for your exceptional guidance and unwavering support.
Liam CurleyLiam Curley
12:13 18 Dec 23
Art is awesome! Through rigorous work I brought my SAT score up 300 points! I have also been going to Art for Pre Calculus and AP stats work lessons and I’m understanding the subjects better than ever.
mariana grmariana gr
00:28 30 Nov 23
I first started at Cornerstone doing their ACT/Sat diagnostic. That was really helpful because it allowed me to focus on the test I was stronger in which was the ACT. After several months of tutoring not only did Cornerstone help improve my ACT scores but I now currently have straight A's and have gotten into one of my top schools. I have referred my friends to Cornerstone and they have also had similar experiences.
Rohith AshokRohith Ashok
13:33 19 Nov 23
Art was a wonderful tutor for my daughter. The SAT prep classes were tailored to what she needed, and she ended up with a great score in the 1500’s. My daughter enjoyed having Art as a tutor.
Mason ArditiMason Arditi
05:05 02 Nov 23
I had a fantastic experience with Art and Cornerstone Prep. When I first came to him, I had a score of 1430. And through rigorous technique-training and learning truly how to take the test, I received a 1550! Art consistently went out of the way to meet my financial needs and offered several free sessions. He really goes the extra mile for his students and I highly recommend his tutoring to any student out there who wants a killer SAT score. Thanks, Art!
Leo DavidsonLeo Davidson
23:40 11 Oct 23
Art was great in helping me get killer SSAT scores, and a great grade in math. It helped me get into all my top choice schools. I still use him to this day.
21:40 11 Oct 23
Art did an exceptional job with our daughter. Her ACT score rose significantly after working with him. He is a great teacher and very flexible in scheduling sessions. We look forward working with him again with another child.
Loren ZidellLoren Zidell
22:34 30 Sep 23
Art is amazing! He's been incredibly helpful in tutoring and mentoring my son, Mason, for his SAT prep. We came to him with a 690 Math score on the SAT and Art has helped him bring it up all the way to 780! Art is an excellent tutor and cares deeply about his students, as he frequently offered complementary review sessions to meet our budget. My son and I will highly recommend Art and Cornerstone Test Prep to any prospective families!
Jodi MacKinnonJodi MacKinnon
16:53 29 Aug 23
Art is simply the best tutor there is! Three of my kids have used him to prepare for the SAT/ACT. He is patient and each one of them loved working with him. His ability to motivate and inspire his students is remarkable. Art was able to get my kids to approach test preparation with enthusiasm, and as a result they felt prepared and confident going into the tests. I wholeheartedly recommend Art to any parent looking for an extraordinary SAT tutor who consistently unlocks his student's full potential.
22:49 30 May 23
Art was an amazing, knowledgable, instructive, and truly caring tutor, who not only made each lesson instructive but also fun. I worked with him for 4 months and he helped me increase my score by over 200 points. He was extremely encouraging and optimistic throughout each lesson which gave me the confidence I needed to perform well on test day. I would definitely recommend tutoring from Art as he gave me the key strategies, formulas, and knowledge I needed to perform my best. Art truly cares how his students perform and he structures the lessons to suit the individual needs of his student, while instilling the most important thing, confidence, so that they can crush the test. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Ned SamuelsonNed Samuelson
19:22 16 May 23
Let me start by saying that Art Clay is not only the absolute best tutor but he's just an incredible human being. If you need to improve your test scores there is absolutely nobody better. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical before I met him, but after just one session I knew I had the right guy. To be clear, I really wasn't a bad test taker, I just wasn't great. Here's the thing about Art, he has taken the SAT's (and gotten a perfect score) many times! He knows the tests inside and out, and with these tests, knowing the details really matters. I started out with OK scores, but was in the process of earning an athletic scholarship to Duke University and I needed to bump up my test scores to guarantee it. This was a high anxiety situation for me because not only was my dream school on the line but also a full scholarship. Art was able to really zero in on the areas where I needed to improve to maximize my score. In addition to pinpointing where I could see the most improvement in my scores, Art also taught me a ton of tricks to TAKING the test. My goal was to improve my overall score by about 100 points. I took the test one time after working with Art and I improved my scores by over 100 points on each section! There is absolutely no way I would have been able to do that without Art. The other thing about Art that's important to mention is that he genuinely cares about each of his students. I had a busy schedule and Art never once said "no" to me. If I needed an extra session on short notice, Art was there. If I wanted to meet on a Saturday night or a Sunday morning, Art was there. When I was nervous about taking the test, Art was the calming influence I needed. After graduating from Duke I decided to go for a Masters and had to take the GRE. Yet again, there was Art to help me. And yet again, I got a great score that allowed me to go to Georgetown for my dream masters program. I owe Art Clay a huge debt of gratitude for everything he has done for me and my family!
Zahra SheikhZahra Sheikh
19:00 14 May 23
My daughter came in needing something to make her score get from good to great. Arthur did a great job fine tuning her test taking skills by teaching her very helpful tips and tricks to take the test in the most efficient manner. She ended up scoring a 1560 on her first try taking the exam during the beginning of her junior year. We would definitely recommend Arthur for anyone wanting to give their kids an extra edge to achieve their full potential in this exam.
17:55 23 Apr 23
Art is a phenomenal tutor. I have been taking lessons with him for approximately six months for both SAT and PreCalculus tutoring. Art has a great personality and is an amazing teacher. I went from averaging a B- on my math tests to receiving multiple high A's including a 100%. Furthermore, my SAT math score has increased by over 150 points, and I am now studying for the English section with Art. I look forward to his lessons and would recommend him to anyone in need of a tutor!
Suzy RudichSuzy Rudich
12:29 11 Apr 23
I recommend Art without hesitation. He has been working with my twins to prepare them for the SATs. From the get-go, Art's approach stood out. He has created a hybrid diagnostic test to determine which test, SAT or ACT, is better for each individual, as well as to hone in on the specific areas needing a deeper dive. They are working together in semi-private fashion in which they are able to play off their individual strengths to support each other during the lessons. In their first SAT test they had a combined increase of 230 points from their diagnostic scores. Both children like Art and his teaching style and are looking forward to improving on the next round of SATs.
Katie DiGeronimoKatie DiGeronimo
22:18 08 Apr 23
Art did a great job helping me in preparing for the SAT this spring. I was having trouble with the reading sections often running out of time. Art gave me tricks and tips to get through the passages and recognize the misleading answers in the set. I completed weekly practice test assignments at home and then we reviewed my responses during our sessions, focusing on the answers I missed. It was a much more tailored way to study vs my friends who took general SAT prep classes with a group of students. Art’s personalized approach was very effective for me. I improved my score over 100 points, achieving top 2% results. Thank you Art for all you have done for me!
edward miksisedward miksis
23:12 25 Oct 22
Our son provided his SAT Score Report to Art, and in just one month of targeted sessions, realized a 100-point improvement on the next test……70 points in math. Turned a good score into a great one! Now, we utilize Cornerstone for algebra and calculus tutoring. Better understanding of subject material leads to less stress and more confidence in the classroom. Our kids think Art’s great! We’re all big fans!
William CWilliam C
19:56 03 Aug 22
I’m pleased to provide a recommendation for Art. Over the past 2 years, Art has worked with two of our kids- one for the ACT and one for the SSAT. Both kids really enjoyed their sessions with Art and felt that they were helped immensely through his lessons and customized approach. He is patient and teaches in a way that each kid, despite the different ways they learn, really embraced. As we start test prep with Art for our third child for the SSAT, it should be no surprise that we highly recommend Art and are excited to be working with him again.
Cheryl KiszlaCheryl Kiszla
13:39 02 Aug 22
Highly recommend Cornerstone Test Prep and Tutoring. Art has a great rapport with the students. He customizes a learning plan which maximizes effectiveness for each student. I appreciate his dedication to understanding testing strategies to help boost test scores.

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