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Many students say they learn more in one lesson with me than in a whole week at school. That’s because we work one-on-one with no classroom distractions. I’ll focus on exactly where your problems lie and give you the tools to excel. We’ll start by analyzing previous tests, quizzes, and papers to figure out what’s preventing you from getting those top grades. I’ll stay on track of your course curriculum so that I can prepare helpful notes and strategies for your next big exam or assignment. I’ll also give you as much supplementary work as needed so you can get in that extra practice before your next big test!

Note: the classes listed below are for regular or honors level, but I also teach many Advanced Placement (AP) classes, so please visit my AP Services if this is something you’re also interested in.
Are you taking pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, or statistics? Good news: I teach them all. I’ll keep you on pace in your math class so you’ll never feel like you’re falling behind. I’ll teach you how to avoid those annoying careless errors and give you strategies to decode and solve the hardest word problems. We’ll break some bad habits (like not writing down or clearly explaining your work) so that you can get maximum credit on your homework assignments and tests. We’ll turn concepts that at first seem impenetrable into simple building blocks that you can use to create a strong math foundation. And if you’re looking for enrichment, look no further: just tell me what your goals are and we’ll make them happen. Also, If you’re a math lover, be sure to check out my YouTube channel Rise to the Equation.
I will help you get the most out of your English class with essay planning and editing, vocabulary building, and grammar review. And I’ll help you navigate through your next novel so that you have all the key elements and ideas at your fingertips, ready to incorporate into an awesome essay!
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Whether it’s the math or the concepts (or some combination of the two) that are bogging you down, we’ll straighten them out and help you get a top grade in physics. We can get started no matter how far along you are or what unit you’re studying, whether it’s mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, light and sound, heat, fluids, or modern physics. Since each unit has its own unique formulas, concepts, and terminology, it’s never too late to bring your grade up a notch or two!
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From the periodic table trends to balancing chemical equations, from bonding to thermochemistry, I can help you on any topic you’re struggling with. It often comes down to seeing the concepts in a way that makes sense to you and reinforcing those concepts during our lessons with additional practice.
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US History
Need help on that big history paper? Having trouble learning about a particular era in US History? I’ll help you organize and structure the topic you're studying into logical steps and bring the material to life.
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A bit of a francophile, I studied French in college, visited France three times, and continue to study the richness of the language. If you’re a beginner or intermediate French student, but struggling, I’ll help you bounce back by straightening out the tricky patterns in French grammar. We’ll also attack the vocabulary and idioms so that you always have just the right word or expression to include in your next essay. On s’amusera bien à apprendre le français ensemble!
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Need help with something else?

If there’s another class you’re looking for help in, don’t hesitate to ask! We can discuss further and see if it’s something I can help you with.
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